Buy Pug Wanted San Diego

Hello! First, we are not dog abusers, dog flippers or breeders. We are a younger retired couple (disabled Vet) who own our home with a secure fenced yard.
We are looking to adopt a Pug as a companion pet to join our family. It can be a puppy, teenager or adult.

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We are on a fixed income and do not have a lump sum of cash to expend on purchasing a pug. However, any Pug we adopt will be neutered or spayed and be covered with medical insurance. The pug that we adopt will be an "inside" dog with access to our securely fenced back yard and given the utmost love and attention. We are thoroughly experienced with owning the Pug breed, having owned one for many years until it passed away at 17 yrs of age.

If you have a pug that is healthy and good with people & dogs that needs rehoming, and you are more interested in making sure he or she has a loving forever home than you are in making money, please give us your consideration. If you absolutely must receive some form of payment for your Pug, we may be able to make monthly payments on a reasonable rehoming fee.

Please, no scammers.

Thank you!
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