How to Make Nutritious Dog Treats

How to Make Nutritious Dog Treats

Pugs love homemade dog treats but most dog owners do not know that making homemade dog treat is inexpensive and does not take too much time to get done. Best of all, you could make these treats by making use of the ingredients that you always have at home. Not only does homemade dog treat cost very little but with a variety of recipes you could easily make a variety of wholesome and natural delicacies that your dog will really enjoy.

Making your own homemade dog treat also enables you to monitor what goes into the diet of your dog as compared to when your dog is fed with commercial dog treats. To start making your own homemade dog treat all that you need are some cooking tools, kitchen ingredients and of course a little patience.

Some homemade recipes for pug dog treats:

Recipes for cake made from beef - first and foremost get the cake pan greased and the oven preheated to about 150 degrees Celsius. The following ingredients will be needed for this beefy cake treat:

Buckwheat flour - about 2 cups.
Ground beef - 4 ounces.
Three eggs.
Baking powder - about one and a half teaspoons.
Butter - half a cup.
Oil - half a cup.
Beef jerky - two strips.

First get all the wet ingredients ( beef, butter, eggs and oil) creamed together and then mix in the dry ingredients (baking powder and flour). Finally crumb the beef jerky into the mixture and pour the resulting batter into a cake pan to be baked for the next 60 minutes. After the baked cake has cooled, you may then ice it with cream cheese and have it decorated with peas, shaved carrots or any other wholesome ingredient for your dog's delight. You should refrigerate the left over to be fed to your dog at some other time.

Recipes for carob cookies - carob is carefully chosen instead of chocolate which contains theobromine, a toxic chemical to dogs. This sweet delicacy will require the following:

Whole wheat flour - about two and a quarter cups.
About a quarter cup of applesauce.
One egg.
Hot water - half a cup.
Oil - half a quarter cup.
One chicken bouillon cube.
Honey - one tablespoon.
Molasses - one tablespoon.
Carob chips - a cup.

The very first step is to mix all these ingredients together (with the exception of the carob chips), and knead them into a dough on a floured surface after which you can make shapes out of them. Then have them baked for 30 minutes at about 150 degrees Celsius.

Learn more recipes for dog treats and start feeding your pet with wholesome meals at an inexpensive price.



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