Tips to Choose Pug Puppies

Tips to Choose Pug Puppies

One of the oldest dog breeds, the puggle's existence has been traced back to 400BC. This breed probably originated in China, since there are records of pugs being kept as pets by the Tibetan Buddhist monasteries.

Much later, the breed was made the official dog of the House of Orange-Nassau, after a pug saved the life of William of Orange by sounding the alarm when the Spanish troops reached Hermingny.

Since this incident took place in 1572, William's retinue always included pugs, which eventually became a fashionable pet for the generation. Puggle puppies continue to be the favorite choice of many. A glance into their characteristics will give you a better idea of their suitability to your home environment.

Puggle Puppies: Essential Traits
The 'wrinkly,' good-natured, adorable puggle puppies can prove a great addition to your home. Sometime playful, sometimes dignified and always amiable, pugs mask their clownish nature behind a somber appearance and a pair of soulful eyes. Although small, they are quite sturdy and stocky. Recognize pugs by their:

short faces
large expressive eyes
frowning forehead
cocked head
innocent expression
strange sounds

Being very childlike, a pug can evoke parental feelings in most people. This breed is usually at peace with the world, but emits odd barking sounds at the approach of a stranger. Known visitors are welcomed with snorts, snuffles and grunts.

If not completely spoiled with affection, a pug can be depended upon to maintain its sweet, comical and charming nature. Although they are usually friendly with other animals, they can become suddenly possessive and jealous on seeing another pet on their owner's lap.

Pug Puppies: Points to Remember
The following are some points you need to remember before selecting puggle puppies:

- If dealing with snorting, snuffling, snoring, slobbering and gassiness is a complete no-no for you, a pug will prove to be a very bad choice.
- Housebreaking is very slow. Hiring a breeder is recommended.
- If you follow a busy schedule, having a pug as a pet can prove burdensome as they shed constantly.
- Pugs also face a number of health problems because of their deformed face. This can lead to high veterinary bills.

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