Dog training or five things to consider when purchasing a dog training collar

Dog training or five things to consider when purchasing a dog training collar

5 things to consider when purchasing a dog training collar or remote dog training collar:

1. Cost

Dog Training Collars can be very expensive. If you do not have the money for it in your budget, purchasing a dog training collar can be difficult. Before you even start shopping determine your budget for one. A better one will start at $100 and go up.

2.  Training need

Each dog training collar you review has its own purpose. Some are perfect for the companion dog that needs basic obedience manners, some are good for water while others are great for distance training and yet some offer a multi dog set for those with many more dogs to have only one transmitter with multiple collars. If you are looking for basic manners then go with the entry level collar. If you plan to use the dog for hunting then you will need to step up a level to get one that is waterproof and has a longer distance range.

3.      What type of dog do you have

If you have a dog that is hard to train then you will need to get a collar that is for stubborn dogs and will probably cost a little more because the power level available will be larger. If you have a mild mannered dog then a basic model should work just fine. In addition, if your dog has lots of skin at the neck or a huge fur coat you may keep a strong model so that you can penetrate the thick layers of skin and fur and your collar will have a meaning to the dog.

4. Purpose of Training

If you are planning to train dog problems and be away from your dog such as catching him getting up on the counter to snatch your lunch vs training him to come from a ½ mile away will determine your needs. If you just need training away from your dog around the house then get the entry level. It still has all the stimulation levels. Keep in mind you still want to initially use a leash or long line to teach your dog because you want to give direction and let him know this sensation is coming from you.

5. Levels of stimulation offered

Always read an owners manual before purchasing a dog training collar. Any good collar will offer this information in advance and you can read exactly how to operate and train with this collar before placing it on your dog an zapping.

Dog training collars are the most humane, effortless, reliable choice for solid dog training but you need to know how to train with them so that your dog understands its purpose. It is not fair to your dog to give a stimulation that is painful and also one that he does not know why he received it.




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