Supplies You'll Need to Welcome Your the Pug

Food for adult pugs

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Keep Your Pug Slim and Trim!

Many people figure that a Pug is supposed to be fat, but that’s not true. Pugs are muscular and solid dogs, with round features. Stand above your Pug while it is standing up, and look down at his figure. If your Pug looks like a battery, it should drop a pound or two. What should they look like in “aerial view”?

Narrow at the neck, broad at the shoulders, narrowing down from the shoulders with a slight broadening by the rump. It’s like an inverted hour glass shape. Follow these easier said than done food tips, and your Pug will be well on her way to being slim and trim:

  • Don’t feed your Pug people food,
  • use dry chow instead of canned,
  • limit the treats and consult your veterinarian regarding how much your Pug should eat.