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Keep yours Pug teeth healthy with our pug and pug puppy dental care products.

Care For Your Pugs Teeth: How does their teeth fit into having a longer, healthier life? A Pug with healthy teeth will digest her food better than one that gums her food, thus reducing the chances of intestinal blockages and stomach related illness. Rotting and unhealthy teeth lead to abscesses, which can cause an array of secondary infections, some of which can be serious.

Often overlooked regarding teeth care is the fact that Pugs don’t react well to anesthesia, which is exactly what they’ll need if teeth need to be removed. So how do you care for their teeth? Make your treats of choice Milk Bones, or some other hard, mildly abrasive product. No, I’m not plugging Milk Bones per say. But I am suggesting that a Milk Bone or similar product is hard and mildly abrasive compared to something like Snausages.

The Milk Bone type product reduces plaque and tartar, the meaty and moist Snausage like treats make fertile breeding grounds for plaque and tarter. On top of this, brush your Pugs’ teeth from time to time. It’s not that hard once you learn how and by all means ask your vet for advice on how to do this. Some helpful hints? Get liver flavored toothpaste from your nearest well-stocked pet supply shop. Wrap your Pug in a towel to prevent squirming, get someone in your house to help you keep your Pugs mouth open, and brush away quickly.